Friday, September 7, 2012

Local Shows, Ramones

 Upcoming Local Shows!

September 19th at the Hemlock w/ Slug Guts (AUS) and Little Queenie

October 15th at the Knockout w/ Nu Sensae (VAN)

Friday, August 24, 2012

North American Tour

So we are off planning another tour. Hopefully we will have a new 7" out on Vinyl Rites in addition to our LP. Here is our tentative route, get in touch if you can help with something cool.

1. Portland - Slabtown w/ The Body, Defect Defect
2. Vancouver - A House w/ Nu Sensae and B Lines
3. Seattle - The Morgue w/ Vicious Pleasures (PDX), Kohosh and Fugitive Spot
4. Olympia - Palace Flophouse w/ Dogjaw, The Plurals (Missoula, MT) and JOCK.
6. Minneapolis - At Medusa with Frozen Teens, Serenghetto, Fuck Detector and Dishpit
7. Milwaukee - Ground Zero w/ Holy Shit!, Serenghetto and B. Arthur.
8. Chicago - The Empty Bottle w/ Grass Widow, Wet Hair
9. Columbus, OH - The Legion Of Doom w/ Dirty Mouth and Nervosas.
10. Toronto - Not Dead Yet afterparty w/ Career Suicide, Nuclear Spring and Raw Meat at Soybomb
11. Montreal - Deathchurch w/ Dark Circles, Asco
12. Portland - w/ No Sir I Won't, Athabasca and endless jags @ 442 St. John St.
13. Boston - at Machine 1254 Boylston w/ Dry Hump, Cleansing Wave, Cassanovas in Heat and Funeral      Cone..$7/ 9pm/ 21+
14. Providence - At AS220 w/ Funeral Cone and In Heat
15. Worcester - At The Ship Room w/ Cleansing Wave and Funeral Cone
16. Brooklyn - At Death by Audio w/ Nuclear Spring, Survival, Shoxx
17. D.C. - At the Rocketship (1223 Decatur St. NW) w/ Max Levine Ensemble, Island Twins, Hippy
18. Asheville - At The Get Down w/ Blood Summer and Pox Americana
19. Chattanooga - Sluggo's North w/ Nude Beach,  Future Virgins and Ol' Scratch
20. Athens - Caledonia w/ Shaved Christ
21.Gainesville - Boca Fiesta w/ Mauser, Post Teens, Children's children
22. New Orleans Nowe Miasto w/ Negation. 7pm
23. Austin - At Beerland w/ Vacation
24. Denton - House show on Cordell w/ TBA
26  Flagstaff - House show w/ Serenghetto, B. Arthur and more TBA.
27. Los Angeles (mentone) - Rob's Loko Lounge

Monday, August 20, 2012

Gettin' Weird This Weekend in Portland.

   We're recording for a new 7" this weekend in Portland once again with Stan at Buzz Or Howl. Two new songs!  We're also playing two shows while we are there.
  The first one will be at The Ranch (ask a punk where it is) with WILD MOHICANS and FREEDOM CLUB. The date for that is Saturday, August 25th. Starts at 8pm. $5
  The second show will be on Sunday, August 26th at Slabtown with SOCIAL GRACES and THE STOPS!   It will be a good one.Starts at show time...9 pm, I guess...and will probably be around $5.

  We'll be going on a full US tour in November. Dates and towns soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Neon Piss @ Budapest, Hungary

Back in the U$A

Friday, August 10th at the Knockout (3223 Mission Street, SF, CA). We have a show with Future Virgins (Chattanooga, TN), Zippers To Nowhere (Chattanooga) and Street Eaters. Matinee show starts at 5pm!

Wednesday, August 15 at the Elbo Room (647 Valencia st, S.F., CA) We will be playing with Hard Skin (UK), Sydney Ducks, and Brilliant Colours. We have some more shows lined up but the details are not entirely settled. In late August we will record a new 7" to be released by Vinyl Rites. Followed by a late Autumn US tour. 

We would also like to extend a serious thank you to everyone who helped make the European Tour so fun. That was an amazing time for all of us and we hope to get back out there soon. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

We are currently having an amazing time in Europe! Thanks to everyone who has come out and watched and shown us such a nice time. We want to address something about the Maximum Rock and Roll interview we did last month:

I was talking with my friend and she shared with me her disappointment with our response to how privilege effects us as straight, white men playing music. I agreed with her that we did not really answer the question in a direct manner, and we certainly do not want anyone to think that we disregard issues as serious as this. In fact, we do talk about it a lot as a band, and we try very hard to keep a perspective on issues of privilege. We understand that, as men, we are encouraged from youth to be loud and aggressive. We understand that, unfortunately, we are much more likely to be taken seriously as musicians - nobody assumes that we are dating the band members or just selling the merch. No one offers us help "setting up" our equipment, nor do they comment on how "hard" our drummer hits.  Punk continues to be a male-dominated subculture, and the last thing that want to do is to perpetuate that, whether it is through neglecting to confront our own privilege or neglecting to confront the abuse of privilege we see in the world around us.

If anyone wants to talk more about this with us please feel free to get in touch:

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two New Songs!

   We posted two new songs on our bandcamp page that will appear on our 12" LP. You can click on this link to hear them. The vinyl will be available in North America from Deranged Records. We will also have it available n Europe, thanks to Cut The Cord That....Records. It's at the pressing plant right now, so it'll be out soon and we're all very excited. Euro tour in May/June (check previous entry for the dates, which will be updated as we have more info.) Thanks!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shows In the Bay and Shows in Europe.

March 21 at Thrillhouse Records with Rag Rage (TN)
March 24 at Casa Sandinista with Agatha (Seattle), Dogjaw (oly) 510-BADSMUT

March 31 at The knockout with Shellshag (NY), Early Show, we play at 4:30

And here is a rough itinerary of the European Tour:

Fr. 25.05.2012 Münster - Cafe Lorenz (+ Foreign Objects & Mülltüte)                                                Sa. 26.05.2012 Berlin - Bei Roy (+ Tiny Ghosts)
So. 27.05.2012 Mannheim - Pfingstfest (+ Tiny Ghosts, Foreign Objects,
Common Enemy, Abfukk and more)
Mo. 28.05.2012 Munich  - Kafe Kult (+ Messer)
Di. 29.05.2012 Leipzig - Zoro
Mi. 30.05.2012 Dresden - Az Conni
Do. 31.05.2012 Budapest - Obudai Probatermek
Fr. 01.06.2012 Vienna - EKH
Sa. 02.06.2012 Bologna - Atlantide
So. 03.06.2012 Zürich - tba
Mo. 04.06.2012 Lyon - tba
Di. 05.06.2012 Freiburg - Kts
Mi. 06.06.2012 Paris - La Miroiterie (+ Lycka Till)
Do. 07.06.2012 Kortrijk - The Pits
Fr. 08.06.2012 London - The Black Heart
Sa. 09.06.2012 Sheffield - tba
So. 10.06.2012 Glasgow - Nice & Sleazy's (+ Tragedy)
Mo. 11.06.2012 Leeds - House show
Di. 12.06.2012 Brighton - TBA
Mi. 13.06.2012 Bremen - Sielwallhaus (+ Mundo Muerto)
Do. 14.06.2012 Amsterdam - Occii
Fr. 15.06.2012 Hamburg - Störte (+ Vestiges)
Sa. 16.06.2012 Kiel - Kiel Explode Fest (+ Arktika, Hungry Lungs,
Resurrectionists, Vestiges, Out On A Limb & Kokomo)
So. 17.06.2012 Copenhagen - Dödsmaskinen


Friday, February 10, 2012


  On Saturday, February 18th, we are playing at Bender's in SF with Sydney Ducks and Synthetic ID for their record release. Starts at 10. Sorry that it's 21+, but we'll play an all-ages show again soon enough.

  Soon after, we'll be heading up to the chilly Pacific Northwest to play a few shows. If you live in those parts, please come out to warm up the basements with us. We would love to hang out with you. Come find us...

Thursday, February 23rd in Portland at The Ranch (ask a punk, look for flyers or write to our email address for an address). 8pm. with DIVERS and SOCIAL GRACES.

 Friday, February 24th in Vancouver, BC, Canada at Iron Road Studios. Starts at 10pm! with CAR 87, WAUZTED and SIREN SONGS. Free!

 Saturday, February 25th in Seattle, WA at the Black Lodge (again ask a punk or get in touch for address). Starts at 8 pm. with a lot of bands....AGATHA, BOWL CUT, BLOODSWEEP, RVIVR and SNUGGLE.

 Sunday, February 26th in Tacoma, WA at the Fifth Dimension with CRIMINAL CODE, HYSTERICS and NEGATIVE PRESS.

   Stay tuned for future news about our LP and dates for the European tour. Thanks!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Upcoming show and news

Flyer by E. Conner

    We have a show at 1-2-3-4-Go! Records in Oakland on Saturday, January 14th. The store is located at 420 40th Street...#5. Look for the punks. We will be playing with...
SHOPPERS (from NY. Listen.)
RANK//XEROX (urgent, angular, local punk. New LP out. Yeah)

   In the next few months, we will be putting out our first 12". Deranged will be handling the North American portion and Cut The Cord That... will be putting out the record in Europe. It's pretty fucking exciting.
  Speaking of Europe, we are going there from mid-May to mid-June. Germany, U.K., Ireland, France, Budapest and more! We will post the dates when everything is set up. We do know that our first show of tour is with our friends, FOREIGN OBJECTS from Boston.
   Before we do that though, we're gonna head up to the Pacific Northwest again, hopefully with our friends, SOCIAL GRACES from Portland. We will be hitting Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and Tacoma, so see you then.
    ...and in the far off future, we are tentatively setting up a west coast tour with CLEANSING WAVE from Worcester, MA in August!
  After that? Well, we mentioned doing a US tour in the Fall if gas prices aren't $18 per gallon. We'll see. If you have questions or comments, get in touch. Thanks ya'll.