Saturday, June 22, 2013

Neon Piss is Dead

   Neon Piss is breaking up. We will be playing our last show on Sunday, June 30th at Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA at This Is Not A Step. We are proud to be playing at such an auspicious event where the money raised will benefit The Pacific Center For Growth, the SF Trans March and the family of Sarah Kirsch (someone who has greatly influenced each of us in a myriad of ways).

   Thanks to all the people who have been so great to us over the last few years, including Robert Collins, Daniel at Vinyl Rites, Flo at Cut The Cord That..., Gord at Deranged, MRR, Spikey Mikey Warm, Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl, Erin Yanke, KBOO, Thrillhouse Records, Heather Lacey, Alex Turner, Anandi, Amy Mayfield, Kyle TW, Caitlin, Iron Lung, Alexis, Feeding, Julia Booze, Aaron Elliott, Frozen Teens, Crusty Tim, Funeral Cone, Cleansing Wave, Craig and Taryn, Legs, Scott, the Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture, Tammy, Sluggo's North, Blair Menace, Dark Rides, wild Hungarian punks, every person who showed up to a show in the US or Europe and more and more and more......We can't thank you enough for making this band so much fun.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


If you want to buy things directly from us, please go to the NEON PISS Bigcartel Page. Right now, you can order our new 7", the "LP + More" tape and a new T-shirt. We are currently sold out of our LP. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

___----------********""Records & Shows""""******---------____

 Cool Shows coming up:

 Thursday March 7th with Iron Lung, No Love and Column of Heaven (TOR, CA) featuring a very nice man     who put us up when we had nowhere to go in Toronto this past November. 

 March 23rd at Bottom of the Hill with Milk Music and Gun Outfit

On  May 28 we are playing with The Kids (BEL), Bodies, Re-Volts and Cyclops at Thee Parkside!

June 9th at the Uptown in Oakland with Total Control (AUS), Synthetic ID, Grass Widow

June 28/29/30 at 924 Gilman St. This Is Not A Step: Celebrating 20 Years Of More Than Music. A weekend of politics, music and community. Benefiting Sarah Kirsch's loved ones and non-profits dedicated to creating a safer world for transgender people. More info here.

Photo by Karoline Collins.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Next Show: 3/7/13 in San Francisco

I swear we are not the house band at the Knockout. 
We hope to have our new 7" at this show.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One little show in January

   This is our only show in January. We're taking some time off to work on new songs. 
If you want to order records, tapes or T-shirts (coming soon), please check out our Big Cartel page.
See you in the pit or in the streets or at the taqueria.