Monday, May 28, 2012

We are currently having an amazing time in Europe! Thanks to everyone who has come out and watched and shown us such a nice time. We want to address something about the Maximum Rock and Roll interview we did last month:

I was talking with my friend and she shared with me her disappointment with our response to how privilege effects us as straight, white men playing music. I agreed with her that we did not really answer the question in a direct manner, and we certainly do not want anyone to think that we disregard issues as serious as this. In fact, we do talk about it a lot as a band, and we try very hard to keep a perspective on issues of privilege. We understand that, as men, we are encouraged from youth to be loud and aggressive. We understand that, unfortunately, we are much more likely to be taken seriously as musicians - nobody assumes that we are dating the band members or just selling the merch. No one offers us help "setting up" our equipment, nor do they comment on how "hard" our drummer hits.  Punk continues to be a male-dominated subculture, and the last thing that want to do is to perpetuate that, whether it is through neglecting to confront our own privilege or neglecting to confront the abuse of privilege we see in the world around us.

If anyone wants to talk more about this with us please feel free to get in touch: