Saturday, February 19, 2011

Neon Piss East Coast Tour Dates for April

We are taking planes, trains and automobiles and borrowing and renting our way up the east coast in April to play a few shows.

4.14 Athens, GA - Flicker w/ Shaved Christ and Wade Boggs

4.15 Chattanooga, TN - Sluggo's North w/ Witches, Grape Soda and Fast Boys. Joey Ramone Day Celebration!!

4.16 Asheville, NC - The Get Down w/ Dark Rides (Chattanooga), Blood Summer and "Husker Du" (cover band). Morgan Stickrod's birthday!

4.17 Washington, D.C. - The Red Door w/ Dirty Wars, Al Scorch, The Drains, Dead Uncles

4.18 Philly, PA - HELP!! For real!!

4.19 New Brunswick, N.J. - @ The Loft w/ Kicking Spit

4.20 Worcester, MA - Forbes St. w/ The dungeoneers and cleansing wave

4.21 Boston, MA - ASK BARKER!!

4.22 Brooklyn, NY - Lu Lu's

4.23 Brooklyn, NY - Tompkins St. w/ Marvin Berry and the New Sound, Nude Beach, Kicking Spit


  1. wish i coulda caught you in georgia...had to work yall have tapes or anything for sale?

  2. We have a 5 song demo tape that is $5 ppd. If you want it, send concealed cash, check, what-have-you, etc to c/o K. King, PO Box 72471, Oakland CA 94612

  3. sent money off a few weeks back...wondering if it reached you alright <3

  4. Yes, sorry. Shit has been really hectic out here lately. We will mail your tape this week. Thanks!

  5. ah dude no sweat take your time....i was up in NYC on tour and saw it in Academy Records and was so excited i almost bought one there...then i was like fool calm down you got one in the mail....i think my buddy adam keith knows one of yall from south carolina days...hes abotu to move out that way tommorrow....anyway no worries man take your time.