Monday, June 13, 2011

Neon Pissin in Boston

At starlab in Boston with Awful Man and Cassanova's in Heat, April 2011


  1. So we played a show at the Get Down a few days ago and Mickey (the owner) saw somebody wearing a Neon Piss shirt and was like "Dude, the singer of that band had a heart attack and died a few days ago!" I freaked out and tried to call a few people to figure out what happened, to no avail, but about twenty minutes later she said "Oh, wait, Anal Cunt. Sorry."

    So, I'm glad none of you guys are dead and also somebody mixed your band up with Anal Cunt.

  2. strange how the world works - today, i found myself jokingly discussing seth putnam's influence on our music with someone.

    for me, the question is this: is it a good or bad thing to be mixed up with anal cunt, and is it a fate worse than death?